German court asks CJEU what a 'quotation' is: only unaltered reproductions or also something else?

Germany's Federal Court of Justice has referred a new copyright case to the Court of Justice of the European Union: I ZR 228/15 - Reformistischer Aufbruch.

According to the relevant press release (and its Google Translate translation), similarly to the two other references mentioned above, also this new case seeks guidance on – among other things – the interplay between copyright protection and the protection of third-party rights and freedoms (including freedom of the press), as well as the proper interpretation of relevant exceptions in the InfoSoc Directive – in this case, news reporting and quotation within, respectively, Article 5(3)(c) and (d) of the InfoSoc Directive.

Country: Germany

Domains: IPR

Stakeholder: Judicial

Tags: Germany, press release, quotation, copyright

Posted on Thursday 27 July 2017

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