An ongoing debate on Digital IPR protection

There is an ongoing debate on how the Law is dealing with the issue of IPR protection in the digital world. One emerging issue concerns the need to involve the internet provider in the activities against piracy and in the fight against IPR violation. An example is the judgement of January 13, 2016 passed by the Sezione Specializzata Impresa del Tribunale di Milano (Specialised Enterprise Section of the Court of Milan), by which the Court orders to the internet provider to block the access to Rojadirecta web site. Other judgements calling for an involvement of internet providers, have been passed by the relevant Sections of the Court of Milan, as well as by the Court of Turin.

Country: Italy

Domains: IPR

Stakeholder: Government

Tags: ISP liability, Internet blocking, IPR

Posted on Monday 1 February 2016

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