After FOI request, EPIC obtains secret "Umbrella Agreement" from the EU Commission

The EU Commission, in response to a freedom of information request, has released to EPIC the text of the EU-US data transfer agreement. US and EU officials finalized the so-called "Umbrella Agreement" in September, but had kept the final document secret. EPIC has filed multiple FOIA requests with US federal agencies and the European Commission to obtain public release of the document. The Agreement, alongside the Judicial Redress Act, is a key document in the aftermath of the European court decision striking down the Safe Harbor arrangement. Legal scholars who have reviewed the agreement have concluded it is deeply flawed. EPIC continues to pursue the public release of the Agreement from US federal agencies.

Country: EU

Domains: Privacy

Stakeholder: European Bodies

Tags: privacy, Internet, data protection, data transfer, EU-US, Safe Harbor, umbrella agreement

Posted on Friday 23 October 2015

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