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NL Parliament makes open standards mandatory
Thu 13 Oct 2016, 17:52

The use of open standards will be made mandatory for public administrations. A law proposal by MP Astrid Oosenbrug was adopted by the Parliament’s lower house yesterday. According to the MP, the open standards requirement will be one of several changes to the country’s administrative law, introduced next year.


The German parliament passes controversial surveillance law
Mon 24 Oct 2016, 12:34

The German Parliament last week approved a controversial espionage law that theoretically will tighten oversight of the BND intelligence agency, but that according to privacy advocates will give more power to the authorities.

The experts focused their critic on a controversial clause of the law that allows the BND to eavesdrop communications of foreign organizations and individuals on German soil and abroad that is in transit through a major internet exchange point in Frankfurt.

The Frankfurt-based operator DE-CIX in September filed a suit at a court in Leipzig against the government due to the new law that is considered illegal.

French surveillance overturned by Constitutional Council
Fri 21 Oct 2016, 12:29

The French Constitutional Council overturned on 21 October 2016 the article of the 2015 French Surveillance Law on surveillance. The Constitutional Council adopts the privacy advocates arguments and admits the unconstitutionality of article L. 811-5 of the Internal Security Code. This article enabled surveillance of radio communication, not subject to "any substantive or procedural conditions" and its application not subject to "any guarantee".